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I make movies.


Work. Work. Work.


10 Simple Steps

Director / Writer

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Tiny Kitchen

Editor / Colorist / Sound Design

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A Wonderful Place to Live

Director / Editor / DP


My mantras.

Writer / Director

Lean on humor, everyone loves to laugh.

If making them laugh is not appropriate make them feel something.

Director of Photography

The camera used is never as important as the person behind it.

...but I can also dork out about gear time to time.



Tell the story so that both your niece and grandma understand it.

They don't have to like it, but no one wants to be confused.


This is me.

I was raised in a town with a population of 154 people. When you are raised in a town of 154 people there is not a plethora of people telling you that being a filmmaker is a career. I wrote, I shot and I edited because it was fun never did I think it would be a career. Thanks to some eccentric mentors, a love for creating, and internet tutorials, all of that changed.

I still write and shoot and edit for fun, but now I create films that people actually watch, millions of them in fact. Sometimes it is to help brands tell their stories and other times it is to tell stories of my own.

Do you need help directing your next commercial or film? I have a feeling we can make something great together.

I've created with these folks.


Let's Talk.